Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We all talk about women empowerment. We want women to be well educated, self reliant and work at high posts. Politicians talk about it till one feels that he or she is really keen about it. But how many of us really do want this? If one wants women to be empowered is it not correct to change some of traditions of past? Some societies have rooted out many past traditions which demeaned women, examples are Sati System, treatment meted out to widows or not giving a say for marriage to girl, letting girls study as per their choice.  Some still cling to past. As example I speak of triple talaq.

I had been told that as per religious books triple talaq is permitted in a certain way. There have to be gaps between each word Talaq pronounced. The gaps are meant for chance of reconciliation and can be as long as a day. But presently it is said that a husband can pronounce triple talaq in one sitting or even send it by post or telegram or pronounce on telephone or send sms or pronounce on skype. This has sanction of religious heads. How come it is only males who have been given benefit of advancement? In olden days women mostly were uneducated and were confined to homes carrying on with household tasks. Has that not changed now? Are women not mostly educated and working in high positions including Managing Directors of large organisations or even Head of a nation?   Then how come benefit of advancement not been passed to them? To my mind it seems to be a case of selfish interests of men. If not so , then let them also say talaq as dictated in religious books and not take advantage of advancements.


Ash said...

True, uncle. Society and law still has a long way to go. We can all do out bit by resolving to treat both genders equally, regardless of what society thinks of it. Teach our sons to value and practice equality. Teach our daughters to not settle for less. People make laws, and unless people change, laws won't change much.

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Jack said...


Thanks for your valuable inputs. I am with you on gender equality. We must treat son and daughter at par. We definitely need to do away with many old customs which may have had value in olden days but not now.

Take care

Amrita said...

Your thoughts are commendable uncle!

Jack said...


Thanks for your kind support with such encouraging words.

Take care