Sunday, August 7, 2016

Some Thoughts

I have been thinking of writing for a long time now and today I decided that one needs to put thinking into action. So here I am with random thoughts.

Today I heard in news that in a school in UP singing of National Anthem was disallowed by the management on pretext that certain word in that are not allowed in Islam. I wonder since when we Indians have started linking National Anthem to religion. I would like that wise gentleman to tell me do non-muslims of Muslim countries have any option on respective National Anthems?

Another thing which has been bugging me is – Does our Government want Defence Forces to go on strike like any other services? Even State Police Services had gone on strike some times. Why I am asking this is as number of ex as well as serving Defence Persons who live in my area and we do meet off & on while on walk or in market, have been telling that they always get stepmotherly treatment from Government. They say that in case of national emergencies Armed Forces get called without second thoughts but when it comes to give some well earned increase in salaries they are the last to be thought of. I was given two recent examples – first being that Hon’ble Supreme Court had in a judgement reduced qualifying service for earning full pension from 33 years to 20 years. Orders for the same have been issued for civil services while for Defence Services it is still under consideration; Second being letter for giving affect to increase in pay etc as per recent Pay Commission has already been issued for civil services while once again for Defence Services it is still not issued. I know Veterans had gone on agitation demanding OROP which was promise about two decades earlier but each Government kept dilly dallying on implantation. The present Government finally issued letter for that though, as felt by Defence Persons, in a diluted form. I shudder to think about consequences of strike by Defence Forces.

I fully agree with our respected Prime Minister about those who call themselves as saviours of cows. I am all for protection of cows and peacocks, our national bird, but who takes care of them in old age?  Why should they take law in their hands? If they find cows being taken for killing for beef, they should just stop the vehicle and call for police. 

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