Saturday, April 16, 2016


There is a famous saying that it is only the wearer of shoe who knows where it pinches. It is so true. We read a lot of incidents of persons being looted at knife or gun point. We do feel  sad for such persons but the enormity of robbed person never can be gauged by us just by reading or listening in news. Why, here is the reply.

I and  my wife stay alone as our children are settled. Our daughter is married and our son along with his family is in another country.

For the past few years my wife goes for a walk alone in the mornings from our residence Up to a crossing near a Sports Complex cum park. She walks  on the main road. She also feeds pigeons who are aplenty near that sports complex just before crossing. I do not accompany her as I walk very slow due to my knee problem and I utilize that time to feed our 10 years old dog after taking her for a short walk as she also does not want to walk more due to old age.

On Sunday, the 10th April 2016 she went for walk at 8:30 am. Around 9:30 am a friend came to our house and told me that my wife is sitting & crying on the pavement of main road near Sports complex as she has been robbed of her gold bangles and chain He accompanied me to that place. One of the persons who had gathered there had informed police and there were a number of police personnel, including a couple of them in civil dress who seemed to be fairly senior, there. It took me some time to calm my wife down to an extent where she could at least tell what happened. She told that as soon as she climbed the pavement where pigeons flock, a young man approached her from side road. There was another man standing near a motorcycle. He told her they are from police flashing an identity card, which she could not make out as she was not wearing her specs. He further said not to go further as she has lot of gold on her. At that point another person approached her from behind asking her to hand over her 4 gold bangles, gold KARRA and chain or he would stab her. She was puzzled out of her wits and before she realized they had taken off said gold items and rode away on motorcycle. She broke down and started crying on the roadside. This was around 9 AM.

To me it seems a well planned act as they must have watched her routine for a few days before striking. Otherwise how come they were there with motorcycle and third person must have followed her from close to our residence and intimated those two that she was on way.

Police have lodged complaint but I am doubtful if there will be any outcome.

My wife is yet to recover from this trauma. 


Sakshi said...

Hi Uncle,
This is indeed very shocking. A couple of such incidents had also happened to my Grandmom's friends as well and post that all the ladies stopped wearing any kind of jewelery while they were out for a walk. Yes, even in the gated colony.
I hope that Aunty was not hurt physically.

Take care.

Jack said...


Thanks for your visit. Fortunately she was not physically harmed but she still has to get over the trauam. Later we learnt that there had been 3 or 4 such snatchings on the same strech. We had known about chain snatching by motorcycle riders, so she used to keep her chain covered with duppata. Had the media written about the incidetns which had taken place on the same strech we would have taken due precautions. But for media this is not hot news. I spoke to some persons in media to give this news but no help. They feel happy to write once in 6 months " 40 Snatching a day but police clueless" or so and feel that their civic duty is done. Should they not publish every snatching on first page giving details of place so people become aware to danger in those places and take precautions? Isn't this their CIVIC DUYT?

Take care

Ellen said...

Indeed, that was such a scary experience for your wife. Sufficient perhaps to make her want to keep her away from her usual morning walks in that area. I hope she finds a much better place for it, a much more crowded place filled with other people sharing her enjoyment and pleasure for early morning walks.

Yes, that's how far it goes with the police; they come to your rescue, take down notes, and then forget all about it later. Happens here.

As for the media... it's a different bunch in every culture and country I guess. Our media here is hungry for news.. of the wrong kind: murders, killings, kidnappings, holdups, robberies, carnappings, brawls, accidents, and all that drama.

We would wish that things were different for nicer conditions to benefit everyone. But somebody once said that 'things won't change if the people in it won't change'. In simple language, the system is bad because the people in it are bad. Bad flourishes because the good don't do anything about it nor want to. Yet change is effective and effected when worked with/in great numbers. One solitary voice won't make a dent.

As a comedian once said..... 'That's how the cookie crumbles!' :-)

Take care, dear friend. Be blessed. Stay blessed.

Jack said...


Thanks for your wishes.

I agree that we all want change to take place but do we try to make an effort towards it? No. We all crib about bad service or corruption but do we raise our voice? No. That is the main problem.

Take care