Friday, January 22, 2016


Is there After Life?

 Why I am asking this is as some questions still remain unanswered- for example :

What makes a body - be it a human being or animal, to be alive?

 Why one dies very young while another very old? If it is matter of genes, then how come siblings from same parentage or even twins have different span of life? This is not only for humans but animals too.

How come some have easy or comfortable life while others a difficult or struggling one? It is not only we humans but animals too. Stray animals have struggling life while pets have comfortable one.

Do we face consequences for our actions in this life itself or some are carried forward to next life? This question came to my mind as it seems as if pets come into life of humans to collect some debt from previous life as well as repay theirs in kind by giving happiness to or working for owners.

May I have your esteemed opinions?


khushi said...

Some believe that yes there is an afterlife. .. where you pay for your deeds good or bad... while others believe there is only one life... and is not over till you tally your marksheet of deeds.

It is all a state of mind .. and nothing else!

Jack said...


In other words you do not believe there is After Life but my questions still remain unanswered. Can you make a try?

Take care