Friday, November 6, 2015


Well, my friends of blogsphere, I am not yet dead, though at 70 it does seem closer. I am going to share how does it feel on reaching this landmark.

When I sit back and reflect, I do feel I could have done differently in some situations to save the day. However I feel happy that I have not harmed anyone deliberately in my life and have done full justice to the job I was in. I always made it a point to ensure wellbeing of my subordinates so they could give undivided attention to their work. It is not that I am saint or a role model, I have made some mistakes and also acted under wrong influence at times. I have committed my share of sins, though not major ones, which I now feel could have been avoided. Enough of my story.

Coming to present and what is going on in our beloved country these days. I am sure that you will agree with me that for a successful and happy marriage not only both partners have to contribute but their parents and siblings too. You must be wondering if I have gone senile at this age to bring out this time tested principle. No, I have not gone round the bend. Let me give you my reasons for stating example of marriage. Living in a multi-cultural, multi- religious and multi-racial society is like marriage making each individual responsible to contribute to make society healthy, happy and secure. And the part played by parents and sibling for successful & happy marriage, falls on the shoulders of religious and political heads to lead followers to contribute towards healthy, happy and secure society. I invite you to tell me if you agree with me.

Reasons for returning of honours & awards is matter of an individual’s choice but I would like to ask those in news recently for the same to search their souls for following :

a)   Did they raise their voice during 1984 carnage of Sikhs or Godhra?
b)  Did they come out to speak against terrorists and those who nurtured them for bomb blasts in Mumbai/Delhi or any other place leading to deaths of so many innocents including children?
c)   Have they ever written anything or made any film propagating how to harmoniously live in a multi-cultural, multi-religious or multi-racial society?

Well, may I request you all to give your views on what I have said.


Sakshi said...

Belated Birthday Uncle! Here is wishing you a healthy and happy life!

1. So far as successful marriage is concerned, there are influences (from parents, siblings, friends and society) but what I have come to realise is that the most important thing in the relationship sphere is the understanding between the two people in the relationship. It is not what the outsiders think (yeah the above influencers are outsiders) but what you two think and believe sets the pace for your relationship. This should be acceptable to the influencers, who should bless the couple to find their path, nd guide when asked for.

2. The #awardwapasi may be a sho-shaa for a lot of people, but I think, for the people who are returning those awards, it is a decision to put out their word that they are not interested in this insolent behaviour of the government. While everyone, including you feel that why is it that they haven't spoken in the past, then, it must be understood, that in the past when the situations arose (1984 riots) (1993 bomblasts), the government, policies, and the understanding of the people of the impact of the whole thing was limited. We were a country where, we were struggling to make the two ends meet and media influence was limited to a very little percentage of the population in total. In todays' age, when a simple observation that "India is becoming intolerant", is subjected to remarks that create more folly, an act of #awardwapasi makes the government to take note. Let us also understand that, the current government was put into power, because of the leader and his assurances about development above the issues of Ram Mandir and Hindutva and when the leader neither tames the loose cannons nor walks the line on the development issue, it seems disheartening to the people who had hoped for a better India.
Let us be honest here, right now, our internet activities are monitored and people are jailed for exercing their right to speech, the least deserrving are getting the most, the government is not only regulating what we see, what we talk, but also what we eat!
And, this is where everything goers for a toss!

Amrita said...

Wish you a very happy birthday uncle.
Well marriage is not a simple equation. Sometimes the partners can take everything in their stride and make things work. Sometimes it might need the additional guidance of family. Am not wise enough to comment.
Well returning awards is such a sham... What good is it doing to anyone!?

Jack said...


Right you are that it is two involved persons in marriage who make it happy and successful. This is what I also put forward with addition that even their parents and relavtive have an important role to play for it. I had given this example to emphasize my point about living in multi-cultured or multi-racial society needs every member to contribute for its happiness and security. Role of religious heads is like parents/ relatives.

I agree that the present government needs to focus on reining in persons or organisation indulging in anti-society acts. It can not just remain mute spectator.

Freedom of speech is very essential in a democracy. However government can take action against those who use it for anti-national speeches, like some people are doing it.


True, making a marriage is not as easy as preached. It takes a lot of effort on the part of two partners to forgo many of their traits or habits to make marriage happy and successful. Parents and relatives need to lend a helping hand by saying positive things and supporting one who is right in any arguement irrespective of their relation with him or her. Come on, you are a very wise girl by now. Do not under-estimate yourself.

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