Sunday, July 12, 2015


A few days ago I had gone to market when I saw a tree had fallen on a car parked near it. It had got uprooted due to strong hurricane winds. On closer look I found that it had to happen as the base of the tree was surrounded by cemented walk right upto it’s base. How can we expect a tree to have strength in it’s roots which cannot spread to hold it on ground firmly? Are we not asking for such accidents by ignoring need for enough earth around the base of a tree? You may have read many reports in newspapers also on this issue recently.

Reports of adopting or offering help for using unfair means in entrance examinations for joining courses in medicine ie MBBS or BDS make me wonder what kind of Doctors will we have in future when such persons somehow complete the studies by passing final examinations, may be again by same methods. Those who facilitate adoption of such methods are MURDERERS. They are not human beings but DEVILS due to their greed for money. Also would those who gain admissions by making huge donations have any other aim than making money? Would they be true to their NOBEL profession? And I say again that we are asking for such situation due to our apathy.

What do you say about racket of admissions in pre-nursery, nursery or KG classes by misusing quota meant for EWS children? How do the schools justify change over to normal category with change names etc after some time has elapsed from such admissions? Are we not teaching our children right from that tender age that CHEATING is way of life? 

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