Sunday, February 15, 2015


There is a famous saying – A PERSON COMES ALONE IN THIS WORLD AND GOES ALONE. It is so true, not only for coming & going but even while being in the world. One may have a lot of others, relatives or friends, who are very near & dear but there are ample times when one does feel alone. I think this loneliness is felt by almost everyone at some time or the other in life. It is more so as one grows old.

During childhood or even student days one hardly feels lonely as parents are always there. So are siblings and friends. On growing up, siblings and friends settle in their own life. Contact remains with siblings but circle of friends may keep changing. As long as parents are there one feels confident to have their support & guidance but on their departure one feels the void.

I am no exception and have gone through the same phases. During working life there were times when a little loneliness was felt but with friends & colleagues around it was short lived. After marriage and arrival of children time seemed to be overly packed and even while going to sleep the mind was full of what is needed to be done for home & children. Once they grew up, got married and settled in their own life, more time seemed to be at hand till arrival of grandchildren. Growing up pranks of grandchildren ensured shortage of time. Our daughter is staying in the same town but different locality. We visit them once or so in a month and they too do the same. I do not like to interfere in their life. Our son was staying with us. His wife and daughter were also with us, though not for whole time which was another issue. He was offered placement in Canada by his organization and my advice was to do what is good for his career. So he, his wife and daughter are there. Though he wanted us to go with them but I felt that it is rather better if they are alone for reasons which some of you know. It is now over a year since they left. So self and wife are alone here. It gives us immense pleasure that our children are settled happily. Still there are times when I do miss our granddaughter who is in Canada. Circle of friends is also limited as most are in different places. During my active blogging days a number of youngsters here took me on as Uncle but as time passed most of them seem to have forgotten it as they got on with their own life. I do not like to impose myself on anyone as I never did so with our children but am always there for those who wish me to be with them. Some youngsters are still in touch and that does make me feel happy and wanted. I do try to keep myself occupied but how much TV can one watch or read books, specially with what my health? So there are many a times I do feel lonely. May be this is the life I am destined to live. I dread situation if my wife goes before me.

Sorry to share my sad feelings with you.          


harman singh said...

Aww dont feel SAD ... cheer up..
life comes to a circle .. in the end..
enjoy ..n chat online with your friends on FB or do some writings .. your kids will cherish..and will keep as memory,,
.. rest plan your schedule for a day and change it often ..give yourself a break and take your wife for a vacation for a day or two.. I m pretty sure you are not super old like one uncle here 110 yrs ..and still rocking .. watch more comedy shows.. and keep smiling like this :)

Gayu said...

Jack uncle, hugs to you. I guess we all go through such phases, where we do feel lonely and its completely okay to feel like that. What's important is to snap out of that feeling quickly.
Continue to do what you love doing, writing and reaching out to other people, reading and gardening :)
Lots of hugs and love,
From Gayu and Samu :)

Jack said...


Thanks for such affectionate advice. I do keep positive but still at times I do miss our granddaughter. However I am happy that they are together. Take care


It is really so sweet of you to understand my feelings. With your good wishes I am keeping positive thoughts and thank God that the little girl now lives with both parents. May God be kind to all. Take care

Ellen said...

Hi Jack!

You know what, loneliness isn't just your monopoly because many others around the globe are too experiencing the same so-called 'empty nest'. It doesn't happen to mothers alone.

It will pass soon enough as you become adjusted bit by bit to your new life.. a new chapter in your life story.

Keep on writing your good stuff which many of us follow. Find new interests See life more with your heart... and this time without the usual mundane concerns and pursuits of life and living.

Yet thank you for sharing your humanity with us. You remind us of our own fragility and vulnerability through the different stations in life. It is a precious lesson.

God bless you.

Jack said...


I am so overwhelmed by your such sage advice. It is so true that one needs to be positive and engage in some fruitful activity to keep feeling of loneliness at bay. Thanks for your support.

Take care

AD. said...

Hey Jack,

Perhaps you don't remember me from a few years back. Memory is a fickle thing anyway. I recently opened up my blog again to see something, found your comment and came here. I am so happy to see that you are still blogging (though this post is older). I hope you are feeling better now.

Cheers to your life, wife and times,