Sunday, July 27, 2014


I feel so shocked at the kind of persons we have who make laws for us to follow. It was so disturbing when many of them made statements on issues of sensitive nature. The kind of utterances made regarding rape were indicative of their thinking power or attitude. Most of them do not seem to give a
hoot about communal colour their speeches or remarks have. Now comes the last straw – physical violence. There are ways and means to lodge your complaint about any issue including standard of food but forcibly making someone eat it is a crime. I am not talking of religion of the victim. It is a barbarian way to show your dislike for the food served. And even more shocking is the support or justification given by their higher ups. How would they feel if they are forced to swallow sub-standard medicines reportedly given at many government run hospitals or made to travel in train which is overcrowded even in reserved bogies by unauthorised passengers – many of whom are ticketless? But again are we not the ones to be blamed to send such persons to be our lawmakers?

I am at a loss to find words to say how sad I feel at the loss of so many young lives in school bus accident which happened due to sheer negligence of the driver. I would hold school authorities also responsible for this. I doubt if many school authorities ever are serious about the calibre of persons they take on rolls. This is proved by the heinous rape of just 6 years old girl by an instructor of a school. I have seen many school cabs and even buses here which flout traffic rules. Jumping red light is just normal for many of them. Should the schools not have proper check on persons they take on board as well as have regular inculcation of proper behaviour and also carry out random checks? Should the parents of all students not get involved in keeping an eye on activities of the schools?

I strongly feel that we can ensure that suicide is avoided by those who contemplate it. One who is under such pressure will most likely show signs. I am referring to suicide committed by a young girl who could not become an Airhostess due to her being underweight. I feel her close ones could have observed her behaviour and understood her tendency so as to counsel her themselves as well as by qualified persons. Should we all not keep a keen eye on those we know to judge if they are under any unwanted duress?

How I wish we all could do something to get over such incidents! 


Ashma said...

I totally agree with you. We as a society are failing, the result of our me,myself and I attitude. Unless something comes to bite us, we don't care. It starts with something as small as your kid throwing a toffee wrapper on the road - a gentle reminder there on good and correct manners would go a long way. Small small ripples undetected make up a Tsunami.

V. Archana said...

So true. We, the citizens are responsible for the over all mishaps happening in our country. Believe me, my husband and I have a discussion about these never ending issues of our country almost every other week when we see something on the news.
coming to that bus accident, yes!, the driver should have been so extra careful knowing that they are school children, and also knowing that the train was approaching.
And one more flaw in our country is, no body follows the road rules. we as citizens should be courteous and have the common sense on following the road rules.
The transpotation dept of india should bring in strict rules, imposing severe punishment and high fines for the individuals who violate these laws.
But one thing which i observed in most drivers, especially the youth is they treat these laws as the rules to be broken and drive like they are the heros. I even know of two or three people who died due to this same insane attitude.
And One last this the new indian govt should change is make all roads one way and maintain a speed limit, and also the person applying for the driving test should be tested on his skills by driving on the roads itself (this is one thing i like about the US)

About the quality of food, we need a long way to go. But one thing is the authorities who make these food commercially should try and maintain the quality. If not the department of food safety in India should check on every restaurant/hotel for the quality of food.
I agree it is not right to forcibly make someone eat such food, but the way some people behave in India and go to any extent of corruption and adulterating their own products for gaining more profit is unimaginable. and forcing such people, i feel, is never wrong.
believe me, i recently got to know a reputed Indian restaurant in San Jose, CA, was closed because the last customers who came on the last day the hotel was running, were fed with the left over paratha which were supposedly thrown into the dustbin. This is the kind of mentality Indian restaurateurs have even in other
part of the world.

Rape and suicide, People have to be educated morally and psychologically about it, mere awareness is not enough.
one this I feel the education system in India should particularly emphasize, apart from the regular subjects in school, is moral education. This is where the religious teachings should particularly come to play (irrespective of which religion) in general terms on what is right and what is wrong, with examples.
If the child is morally strong, i think he/she when grown up will have a clearer conscience and even be self defensive and self controllable while facing such situations

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. I am so thankful to you for such supportive view. Take care


WOW! This is called an indepth view. So good of you to support me in all the counts. We can surely make a difference if we are willing to. Take care