Thursday, May 2, 2013


How does it feel when a big dog like this charges at you? We have been keeping dogs for a long time, over 30 years now, not counting my childhood time when my parents also had dogs. I do understand them and can to an extent control even an unknown dog, though I got bitten once by a small one at my friend’s place when I was petting him as he was sitting close to me and rubbing his body against my legs.

I take our dog for walks after her meals. We keep her free at home, no collar even but when we take her out we always keep her on leash though she is a small one – Cocker Spaniel.

I meet a lot of other persons also walking their dogs and most of the times as we greet each other, even by wave of hand, we find that even our dogs wag tails looking at each other.

Recently I found a gentleman walking his German Sheppard without leash. I know that they respond to commands very well but still as curious animal they too would like to come closer to other pets. This dog charged at us and even ignored master’s calls. As he came closer I said NO in raised voice. He stood about a couple of feet away from us. Our dog seemed frightened and was cowering behind me. There is a school nearby that place where a lot of small children are on the road walking to school. What would happen if some child gets scared and runs? Would that dog not charge after that child? Why don’t people take these possibilities in view when they unleash their dogs? I had no option but to tell that person forcefully to keep his pet on leash when on walk.

This reminded me of another incident which happened almost 25 years ago. I had gone to a cloth show room. As I was looking for what I wanted a huge Labrador came to me and started sniffing at my legs. I knew that he must be getting smell of our dog. I spoke to him in friendly tone and he got on his hind feet putting his front paws on my shoulders making efforts to lick my face. All this while he was wagging tail madly. Everyone in the shop was scared. His master came in and took charge. He happened to be a known person staying in our locality. I advised him not to leave his dog free like that in market as a lot many persons would get scared.

I strongly feel that if you keep a pet, you have to take other’s reactions also into account.  


Sakshi said...

I completely agree...

rama said...

I completely agree with you. We may think that our dog will not hurt or bite someone, but after all they are animals we can't be totally sure what would be their sudden reaction, what might trigger something aggressive in them, Though there are laws regarding pets some people don't follow them. It is really sad, for the owners thinks they can control their dogs with their commands.

Jyoti Mishra said...

people like that think they are in control..
but they forget animals, specially dogs can be so unpredictable..

Alka Gurha said...

So true. I am very scared of big ones.

Ellen said...

It is always wise to walk a pet dog on a leash, for easier control with their sudden turn of mood. No matter how well-trained the dog it still could behave unpredictably as it responds to sudden unexpected triggers in the environment.

Thank for sharing, much can be learned from this post.

Vinaya Naidu said...

Its good someone put this down, thanks uncle Jack for writing this post. Dog owners need to abide by some rules for their pet dogs and always think about keeping it safe for everyone around.

Once a colleague and dog-owner was taking his dachshund for a walk. The free dog got excited with the neighbour's little daughter and accidentally scared the hell out of her. All this happened in the lift at his house and before we could intervene, he scolded the neighbour that 'you should take care of your daughter, my dog is getting scared because of her!"

As a kid at a party, a large Doberman was about to bite me, so I screamed and the owners, who were also the party hosts just didn't bother to take any action. That fear stayed on till late adulthood until I got comfortable with dogs only a few years ago:)

Keeping a pet is a responsibility you should take only if you are of sound mind and body yourself.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I completely understand.. we had a dog, a pomeranian which was attacked by a doberman in our neighborhood because the owner dint keep him on a leash. Our dog had to get stitches because of this.

Even after this incident he refused to keep it on a leash until one day it attacked a postman. People need to realize that a pet is a huge responsibility

p.s Couldn't visit your blog all these days. I got back to reading blogs now that I have time and am done with my studies.

Viyoma said...

Wow - for once - a Pet Owner, speaks for Others. It is tiring to hear from Pet Owners, esp Dog Owners - who say "Dont be scared, it wont bite".

For a third person - it is hard to believe in their confidence. Having bitten by Domestic Dog, i all the more feel the responsibility of Pet Owner is a serious discipline.

Jack said...


Thanks for your wholehearted support. Take care


You are right as we can not be sure of moods of animals. One needs to be cautious. My having been bitten by a pet as told in this post proves it. Take care


It is very rare that an owner can control a dog under sudden provoked situation. Take care


They do scare one if without leash and are aggressive. Take care

Jack said...


I think owner must never feel overconfident of controlling dog when it is provoked. I know when dogs have bitten their owners too under such circumstances. Take care


It is foolish of owner to take sides of his or her dog. One needs to pacify the person, specially child who is scared. Take care

T G A F A :

One can never be fully sure of his or her dog not behaving provoked or excited. Precautions are a must. What are you upto in free time now. Take care


Welcome to my space. One needs to be practical. I love our dog but at the same time I need to respect feelings of others. I also tell the same thing but while holing tight on leash or if at home hold her, as she is without even collar at home, till guest is settled. Otherwise send her to bedroom and close the door. I will visit you a s a p. Take care

Pooja said...

I agree 100%! I know some people take massive offense when asked to put a leash on their dog and think it's inhumane to do such a thing. But shouldn't the safety and well-being of others matter too? I once went to an old family friends house, whose pet dog was known to bite the daughter of the house and in fact did so in front of us but when we asked for the dog to be sent to the other room, since we were obviously scared, the family refused!!! Some people are plain strange!