Thursday, March 14, 2013


I am writing after exactly a month, out of which I was hospitalized for 3 weeks. After doctor’s advice and some tests, I was admitted to hospital. I am back home now but still recovering and need rest at short intervals. It may take some time before am fit enough to visit you all as well as reply to all comments individually. Kindly bear with me.    


Shreya said...
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Shreya said...

Get well soon. Take care, God bless!

Amrita said...

Take care!

Harman said...

Get well soon and take lots of rest.

Lady Whispers said...

Take care Uncle and get well soon.

Bhagyashree said...

Take care.

Jyoti Mishra said...

Take very good care of yourself..
nobody is goin anywhere :)

Gayu said...

Glad to hear that you are back home, take care!

RehyaBond said...

Uncle.. I pray that you get well soon. Have you regained your appetite? How are you feeling now? If you can, try sitting outside in the sun, it'll energize you and elevate your mood. Instead of eating wholesome foods, have someone make smoothies for you. Some spinach blended with apples and oranges and nuts is a great energy booster, with a naturally sweet taste. And though it is filling, you won't feel heavy. Take lots of rest and don't stress yourself with unnecessary thoughts. Focus your attention on your breathing throughout the day, making sure that it is deep and long. And drink lots of water. Please take care of yourself. I'll have you in my prayers. & get well soon, miss you..

sulagna ™ said...

Jack uncle, sorry been MIA...How are you doing now? someone as wonderful as you needs to start writing again please !

rama said...

I can understand how frustrating it must be for you to be resting all the time. However you have to get well and unless you are taking adequate rest, you will not get well. I am praying for you, in fact all of us are praying for your speedy recovery. Don't bother about replying individually to all of us, or about writing too. Once you are fully well you can give us all the details. We are always there for you.
Take care, Rama.

Ellen said...

Rest well, my dear friend. We'll still be here when you return and waiting to read your wonderful blogs. Blessings to you!

Arooj said...

i came to your place after a long time.i felt your absence.and then found you were ill.
Oh Uncle it made me worried.. May God give you long and healthy life.

Ganesh Balimidi said...

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Arooj said...

kiasy hain aap uncle....can you send me your contcat number on gmail..may God bless you.

The Gardener said...

Waiting for your wonderful posts.

Get back to your energetic self soon.

Praying for u.

Ann said...

Hey Uncle ! Visited Blogspot after long time and got to know you are unwell. Take good care of yourself.. Get well soon.. Hope you must have recovered by now..

Jack said...


With your good wishes I am much better as evident from my coming back here. Take care


I am taking all precautions as I do not wish to miss visiting you all. Take care


I am following doctor's advice strictly including not tiring myself. Take care

L W :

I am feeling much better and am able to start replying to you all. Take care

Jack said...


I am, I am otherwise how will I get back to reading your good posts? Take care


It is affection of good friends like you which keeps me going. Take care


Hope to start visiting you all as well as writing soon. Take care

R B :

Thanks a lot for such affectionate advice. I am not allowed to have any fruit, fruit juice, leafy vegetable like spinach or cabbage etc, no dry fruits, no cold drinks, no tomatoes or green DHANIYAA and what not. I am doing all I can to get back to normal a s a p. Take care

Jack said...


Your visit made my day. I will make all efforts to be back a s a p. Take care


I am following your sane advice. I do take adequate rest and not overexert. I am feeling much better so here I am replying to each of you for your such affectionate wishes. Take care


I am feeling much better with your prayers and good wishes. Hope to be back in full form a s a p.
Take care


God has answered your sincere prayers and here I am replying to you all for your such affection. Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for this information. I request you to read the post before you write such comments. Take care


I am much better and will do the needful soon. Take care


Thanks for your supportive wishes. I will be back a s a p. Take care


I am so happy to see you here. I am much better with your good wishes. Please do keep visiting. I also miss visiting your posts. Take care