Saturday, October 16, 2010


It has been over a month now that I got to my space from my home PC. It was made alright yesterday but then our internet connection went on to give trouble. That got fixed today. So here I am trying to write some of my thoughts which have been in my mind during this break.

We all take so much from society in our growing period or even later and many of us do feel like paying our debt, specially at the fag end of life when all our worldly duties are done.

There are lot many NGOs in this field with varied agendas of social welfare. Many of these are started or run by those who wish to do pay their debt to the society. Many a corporates too have opened separate organizations to do something for the wellbeing of society. While some of them have done so out of compulsion of Corporate Social Responsibility but there are lot many who have done it with genuine desire. Having been associated with NGO I have had a ring side view of what goes on. I am going to share with you some of the issues which make me happy as well as sad.

Our Government on it’s part has many schemes for wellbeing of downtrodden or backward with a huge amount earmarked for each. But unfortunately as stated by our late PM Rajiv Gandhi, it is only a miniscule part of that fund which actually reaches the end beneficiaries. It is so painful to see pockets of unscrupulous persons being filled. The only solution in my mind is that for implementation of these schemes Government must involve those at grass root level for selection of right agency or NGO to carry out the work and give funds to those who are under the scrutiny of and held accountable by the beneficiaries. This may take a lot of hard work for BABUs to do so but possible it is definitely.

Now let me say something about NGOs. Everyone is not Vinobha Bhave, Baba Amte or Mother Terresa. Those running NGOs also need to have their own needs met. It has thus become more of a business for most of them, even family business for some. This is not so bad as long as the main aim is kept alive and their needs are not luxuries. Unfortunately in many cases the main goal is on deferred priority and other aspects take more importance, like getting mileage politically or making inroads into social networking etc. Most of those who are running such organizations become less open minded to suggestions as well as do not like to join hands with other NGOs in the same field for sake of one upmanship and unnecessary duplication adversely affecting the gains for beneficiaries. Solution to this lies only in if people involved are true to their commitments alongwith little overseeing of these organizations by some agency set up by the Government.

This now brings me to the last set of players in social upliftment. The corporates or business houses. Bill Gates, Premji, Narayanamurthy, Ambanis, Tatas, Nilakeni, Bharati, PVR Cinemas are some names which crop up in my mind. Those in the helm of affairs in such corporates are keen from their heart to do something for less privileged but unfortunately the ones who are entrusted to do such acts on their behalf become more bureaucratic and kill good suggestions offered by those in the field. The mindset of many such persons is that they are doing the best and others are not even worth listening to. There have been headlines in news that some of big business houses have made huge donations to the alma mater of their founders or chairmen. It is a nice gesture but one needs to think do such recipients really need such donations. In a case it was with setting up of chair in the alma mater named after founder of donor organization. Don’t you think such funds could have been better utilized for providing basic education and other amenities to those in backward rural inaccessible areas?

In my opinion one should not indulge in charity like giving alms but provide or support facilities making the needy self-reliant.


Sakshi said...

I believe that we should all be a part of a cause that we believe in! Whatever that may be.

Heavenly Muse said...

its really nice to see your considering words.......hope you will continue sharing your precious experience .

rohini said...

you are absolutely right sir....and welcome back...hope ur system never upset us...

rainboy said...

glad that someone thinks about this


Cherry Blossom said...

Welcome back after a long break. I guess all of your followers missed your valuable views and suggestions regarding various matters. You are absolutely right. We must all be charitable, but to uplift the standards of the needy and not to handicap them when they are capable of working to supply for their need. Thank you for sharing.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hey Jack!

Welcome back! good to c ur comment on my blog after a long time!

will be reading the post little later.


Jack said...


I agree with you entirely. We should be part of movement for any cause in which our heart is and not just as show. Take care

H M :

Thanks for such supportive comments. I shall try to continue as long as I have blogmates like you here. Take care


Thanks for seconding my thoughts. I too hope that my home PC behaves now. Take care


Welcome to my space. It is we the people who can make changes so badly needed, isn't it? I will visit you soon. Take care

C B :

I do not know if I was missed or not but I try to remain loyal to my friends and blogmates. Thanks for your support to what I believe in. I believe that even a person who is badly handicapped and is being taken around in pushcart can also be of immense use to the society. It is upto us to overcome our mindset and encourage such person to do what he or she can. Take care


I am so hounoured. Look forward to your views on this a s a p. Take care

Sonshu said...

NGO's!! :) YAAAYYY!! :) I wanan work for one in the future
I missed you!
welcome back! :)

Chandrika Shubham said...

I liked the last line and totally agree with it.

bebo ♥ said...

welcome back jack.
missed u.
nice post.

preeti said...

true post. great comeback post.

Jack said...


I am touched by your enthusiasm to work with a NGO. Be careful in choosing one. If you wish you may contact me to give you a list. Take care


I strongly feel we all should follow this. In day to day life we may sponsor child of our maid or presswala for education and monitor his or her attendance as well as progress.


Thank God you are here. I have not been able to visit you as candidly one opens but then a pop up comes that internet can not open it and off it goes. May be there is some virus which my PC anti-virus isolates. I am not invited to the other one. Please do check. Take care


Thanks for your support. Take care

bebo ♥ said...

jack : the other one is unused completely....!!
Bt the older posts are secured ...
I don't know the problem...*sad*
Anyway, I will contact you here.

try again if you get thru. :)
take care

Jack said...


I tried it just now. The site opens but immediately a pop up comes saying " Internet can not open sit" and once I close or say OK on this pop up the site goes off. May be while securing your older posts something may be interfering with normal opening. Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Jack, I agree with most of the points said by you. In fact, I compliment you for writing in a very organized manner, separate para for differnt thoughts and categories!

I read about NGOs recently and the picture was not sunny. Years back, I used to think of working some way for some NGO, now I don't know, but I have kind of given up some way, may be, not sure.

But, I feel so happy to see that aware senior citizens like you are working for the social cause. In my organisation, I sometimes have interactive sessions or say trg sessions for preparation for retirement. I don't see many ppl thinking on these lines. Btw, where had u been working? share, if u feel like.

A very thoughtful post.


Jack said...


There is a lot to be done to make India shine. I worked with a NGO in Delhi on full time basis for 2 years but now due to age and family commitments I am associated as consultant with a few NGOs including the one I was with. My perception is that we need to concenrate on Education of the underprivileged, Health & Hygine of those in rural areas or slums and Women Empowerment. One can always work for the first without any involvement with NGO. If you wish, I could tell you ways. I can give a talk to your organisation about CSR if you wish me to. My e mail id is in my profile.

Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

OK, I will take ur email address. I wanted to ask you from where did you retire? which orgnaisation before retirement?

Good to know that you are so active with NGOs.



Jack said...


I write here under pseudo name to keep identity of persons who's incidents I take up. That is why I feel shy of giving information about myself. I however am in touch with a number of my blogmates by mail and have met some of them with a request to keep my pseudo name intact here.

I have just left my comment on your latest post.

Take care

Heavenly Muse said...

What you said about NGOs is really true.It hurts to see that people could be so heartless.

Jack said...

H M :

It is the sad fact of life. We can make a change if we take it up earnestly.

Take care